Hello, I'm Reachy 2019!

⚠⚠ This documentation is meant for Reachy 2019. If you have a newer version (Reachy 2021) please refer to the corresponding documentation! ⚠⚠

Reachy is an open source interactive robot designed to explore real-world applications!

Reachy makes AI & robotics accessible to researchers, innovation professionals and creatives. It comes in different flavors to let you prototype and create your real-world interactive & service applications right away!

This manual will guide you in all the steps to

  • getting started and turn it on for the first time,
  • program it to perform your own task,
  • or use one of our playground environments.

You will also find many use examples, specifications and detail implementations. If you are missing some information or want to go deeper and interact with other Reachy's user, don't hesitate to join the discussion on our forum!