Reachy 2021 Documentation

Covers everything you need to know from the physical installation of Reachy to advanced uses like VR tele-operation.

Discover Reachy

Get to know Reachy. See what it is composed of, its mechanical specifications and how its software is working.

Python SDK

Easy control of a Reachy robot in Python: read sensor information (eg. camera, joint position, force) and send actuator commands.

VR tele-operation

Control the robot remotely using Reachy's VR teleoperation application.


Use Reachy's dashboard to easily debug and do basic control.

Setup Reachy

Just got your Reachy kit? Check how to install your robot and start having fun with it.


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⚠️ This documentation is for the version 2021 of Reachy. If you have a Reachy-2019, you can visit the documentation of the 2019 version.