Reachy's configuration file

We created a custom yaml file (~/.reachy.yaml) to indicate which Reachy’s configuration your robot has and whether a mobile base is connected to the robot or not. Having this file is useful to start only the necessary code required by the Reachy version you are using.

This file is read when Reachy’s main services are launched at boot.

The configuration file has two entries:

  • model: model of your Reachy (if it is a full kit, a starter kit, …). When reachy_sdk_server.service starts, it will look at this entry to choose what code it has to run depending on the model of the robot.
  • zuuu_model: is at None if no mobile base is attached with the robot, else the mobile base version is indicated (current mobile base version is 1.0). When reachy_mobile_base.service starts, if zuuu_model is not None, the mobile base code is launched.

Typically, ~/.reachy.yaml looks like this:

model: full_kit
zuuu_model: None

For a Reachy mobile, i.e. a Reachy Full Kit with a mobile base, the configuration file looks like this:

model: full_kit
zuuu_model: 1.0

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