Arm specifications

Reachy 2021 arm specifications.

Construction: 3D printed MJF Painted- 3 axial needle roller bearings
Power consumption: 51W
Dimensions: 662x88x73mm

Weight repartition

Overall Arm: 1670g
Shoulder: 240g
Upper arm: 610g
Forearm: 590g
Gripper: 230g

Maximum payload: 500g
(this may vary depending on the holding and duration configuration)

Degrees of freedom

Reachy’s arm offers 7 degrees of movement + 1 for the gripper

Reachy's right arm
Right armLeft arm
Motor nameAngle limitsMotor IDMotor nameAngle limitsMotor ID
shoulder_pitch-150, 9010shoulder_pitch-150, 9020
shoulder_roll-180, 1011shoulder_roll-10, 18021
arm_yaw-90, 9012arm_yaw-90, 9022
elbow_pitch-125, 013elbow_pitch-125, 023
forearm_yaw-100, 10014forearm_yaw-100, 10024
wrist_pitch-45, 4515wrist_pitch-45, 4525
wrist_roll-55, 3516wrist_roll-35, 5526
gripper-69, 2017gripper-20, 6927
Standard version:Performance version:
1 Dynamixel MX-106T3 Dynamixel MX-106T
3 Dynamixel MX-64AT1 Dynamixel MX-64AT
1 Dynamixel MX-28AT2 Dynamixel MX-28AT
2 Dynamixel AX-18A1 Dynamixel AX-18A


3 fans (shoulder, elbow and wrist)

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