Orbita specifications

Orbita spherical joint specifications.


Construction: 3D printed MJF Painted and Injected PU mechanical parts - Metal bearings and axes.

Power consumption: 13W
Voltage: 12V
No-load speed: 130rpm
Max Continous torque: 0.97Nm
Gear reduction ratio: 2.16

Diameter: 70mm height: 158mm Weight: 450g

Motor + Gearbox specifications

Power consumption: 4.22W
Voltage: 12V
No-load speed: 280 rpm
Max Continous torque: 151 mNm
Gear reduction ratio: 35:1

Diameter: 16mm
Height: 65mm

Motor’s full specification here

Degrees of freedom

Orbita has 3 degrees of freedom actuated by three motors described above.
They correspond to three rotation at the same point like Roll Pitch Yaw rotations.

Roll Pitch Yaw Orbita

Angle limits
Roll: -60° to 60°
Pitch: -60° to 60°
Yaw: 360° full rotation

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