Torso specifications

Reachy 2021 torso specifications (full/starter kit only).

Construction: 3D printed MJF Painted - Aluminium
Power consumption: 36W
Dimensions: 300x350x150mm
Weight: 1.7Kg

Reachy’s torso area includes the following elements:


Powerful internal computer NUC intel i3 dual-core 2.1Ghz with 8Go DDR4 and 256Go SSD (NUC8i3PN)

With computer boost option: intel i7 quad core, 16 Go DDR4, 512 go SSD


Seeed Studio - ReSpeaker Mic Array v2.0: Microphone array for NLU (ReSpeaker) and a 3.5mm jack audio output


Embedded TPU Google Coral G950-01456-01 for running ML models inference at high speed locally


2x 12W - 4Ohm Tectonic TEBM36S12 Speakers allowing stereo sound.


Drocking PAM8620 12V audio amplifier

Power supply

Mean Well - GST220A12-R7B180W - output 12V 15 A (input 85~264VAC - 120~370VDC)

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