Software installation

Clone the repository

Clone the repository RAP-2021 from GitHub and use pip to install it. RAP stands for Reachy Access Point.

cd ~/dev
git clone
cd RAP-2021
pip3 install -e .

Check Reachy’s services

To be able to control Reachy’s main services with the dashbaord, the services need to be in –user mode. To know if it is the case, in a terminal:

systemctl --user list-unit-files | grep reachy

If the result is empty, it means that Reachy’s services are in sudo mode. To learn how to switch the services to user mode, follow the instructions on this page.

Create Reachy’s Hotspot

nmcli dev wifi hotspot ifname wlp0s20f3 con-name Reachy-AP ssid Reachy-AP password "Reachy-AP"

Create a service file

Create a service file so that the dashboard will be started automatically at boot along with Reachy’s main services. One advantage of having this is that the dashboard will be running when you start the robot, so you won’t need to plug a screen computer to Reachy nor scan the network to get its IP address and connect to it. The IP address of the robot on the network will be displayed on the LCD screen (if you installed it).

To create the service:

cd ~/dev/RAP-2021
rap generate-rap-service-file.bash
mv reachy_rap.service ~/.config/systemd/user
systemctl --user enable reachy_rap.service
systemctl --user start reachy_rap.service

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