What is the dashboard?

Reachy Access Point (or RAP) is the name of the dashboard that we developed to give you an overview of the state of your Reachy (which motors are detected, what services are running, what are the motors temperatures…) as well as giving you the possiblity to access quickly some features (changing a robot’s part compliance for example).

This tool has been thought to help you start easier with the robot and facilitate quick debugging.

What it provides?

  • Easy setup when you just received your Reachy
    Reachy will emit its own wifi network Reachy-AP to which you will be able to connect. From this you can easily connect Reachy to your wifi network and get started with the robot. No need to plug a computer screen, keyboard and mouse to the robot.

  • First debug step without having to open a terminal
    If you are not able to connect to Reachy using its Python SDK, it probably means that something went wrong when Reachy’s software started. Whether it is because one of Reachy’s cable is disconnected or because Reachy’s motors has not been turned on, the dashboard will try to tell you what is going on with Reachy without having to type any code. If the problem is not as simple, you also have access to Reachy’s services logs to get more information on the problem your robot is encountering.

  • Easy access to basic information from the robot
    Monitor motor positions and temperatures, change motors compliance or activate Reachy’s fans in one click.

  • Manage network connection
    Handle wifi network connection, manage Reachy’s hotspot to connect to the robot even when there is no Internet available.

  • And much more!
    Because the dashboard is open source like Reachy’s hardware and software, you can customize the dashboard and create your own features!

Access the dashboard

From the robot:
Access the dashboard at from any web browser.

From any other device (computer, phone, tablet, …) on the same network as the robot:
Access the dashboard at <robot-ip>:3972 from any web browser.

Features Overview

The dashboard is composed of four pages:

  • Debug: indicates if a cable was disconnected or if Reachy’s motors were off when Reachy booted,
  • Dashboard: displays the present position and temperature of each joint, allows you to control Reachy’s fans and the joints compliance,
  • Services: lets you check which services are running in your robot. You can restart, stop each service and access their logs easily,
  • Wifi: lets you manage Reachy’s wireless connection. You can connect your robot to a new wifi network or control its hotspot.

On each page, the configuration of the robot will also be displayed (e.g. whether your robot is a full kit, starter kit, …)

More information is available for each page in the content section.

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