Finding Reachy's IP

There is a few option to find Reachy’s IP. It depends on your setup and how you want to use it.

Working directly on Reachy

You can run the SDK directly on Reachy’s computer. In this case, the IP is the localhost address: “”.

Via the network

First, you need to make sure that both Reachy and the computer you want to use for the SDK are on the same network. We recommend using an ethernet connection to make sure the latency is as small as possible. It also works on WiFi but for precise and high-frequency control, you should privilege wired option.

We assume you’ve already configured the network on Reachy as described in the Setup Reachy section. What you need now is to find Reachy’s IP on your network.


If you have access to Reachy directly (by connecting a screen and keyboard), you can run the ifconfig command. The image below show you where to find the IP from the result of the command:


In our case, Reachy’s IP is “”.

Multicast DNS

If your network and OS support mDNS, you should also be able to connect to Reachy via “reachy.local”.

Using a smartphone

The Fing app let you scan IPs directly from your smartphone. It also needs to be connected on the same network.

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