Part abstraction module.

Module Contents



Part abstraction class.

class, io)

Bases: object

Part abstraction class.

  • name (str) – name of the new part, can be composed if it’s a subpart (eg. right_arm.hand)

  • io (str) – port name where the modules can be found

Define instantiation, teardown functionalities. Also provides attach function for dynamixel motors and orbita actuator.


Clean up before closing.

attach_dxl_motors(self, dxl_motors)

Attach given dynamixel motors to a part.


dxl_motors (dict) – motors config, the config must at least include an id for each motor (see attach_kinematic_chain for extra parameters)

create_orbita_actuator(self, name, config)

Attach an orbita actuator to a part.

  • name (str) – name of the orbita actuator (eg neck for the head part)

  • config (dict) – orbita configuration (see OrbitaActuator for details)

attach_kinematic_chain(self, dxl_motors)

Attach a kinematic chain composed of the given motors.


dxl_motors (dict) – dynamixel motors config (as given in attach_dxl_motors), the config should also include ‘link-translation’ and ‘link-rotation’ for each motor