Reachy main module entry point.

Module Contents



Class representing the connection with the hardware robot.

class reachy.reachy.Reachy(left_arm=None, right_arm=None, head=None)

Bases: object

Class representing the connection with the hardware robot.


Connect and synchronize with the hardware robot.

It can be used to monitor real time robot state and to send commands. Mainly a container to hold the different parts of Reachy together.


Reachy representation.


Close all communication with each attached parts.

property parts(self)

List of all attached parts.

property motors(self)

List of all motors in the attached parts.

goto(self, goal_positions, duration, starting_point='present_position', wait=False, interpolation_mode='linear')

Goto specified goal positions.

  • goal_positions (dict) – desired target position (in the form {‘full_motor_name’: target_position})

  • duration (float) – move duration (in sec.)

  • starting_point (str) – register to use to retrieve the starting point (e.g. ‘present_postion’ or ‘goal_position’)

  • wait (bool) – whether or not to wait for the end motion before returning

  • interpolation_mode (str) – interpolation used for computing the trajectory (e.g. ‘linear’ or ‘minjerk’)


list of reachy.trajectory.TrajectoryPlayer (one for each controlled motor)

Return type


need_cooldown(self, temperature_limit=50)

Check if Reachy needs to cool down.


temperature_limit (int) – Temperature limit (in °C) for each motor.


Whether or not you should let the robot cool down

Return type


wait_for_cooldown(self, rest_position, goto_rest_duration=5, lower_temperature=45)

Wait for the robot to lower its temperature.

The robot will first go to the specified rest position and then, it will turn all motors compliant. Finally, it will wait until the temperature of each motor goes below the lower_temperature parameters.

  • rest_position (dict) – the desired rest position for the robot

  • goto_rest_duration (float) – time in seconds to reach the rest position

  • lower_temeprature (int) – lower temperature threshold (in °C) to be reached by all motors before the end of cool down


The robot will stay compliant at the end of the function call. It is up to you, to put it back in the desired position.